Vector Watch Luna BMW i Limited Edition is a Smarter Watch

BMW’s i sub-brand (particularly the BMW i8, the sleek batwing-door 2+2 sports car) grabbed a whole heap of attention upon its launch, but with only two models and minimal updates (not to mention the reveals of some rather enticing competitors like the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3) since then, it seems like the buzz is starting to wane. A roomy, family-friendly i5 is supposedly on the way, but until it drops, BMW i fans are going to have to make do with this branded smartwatch from Vector Watch.

The Vector Watch Luna BMW i Limited Edition is, as the name suggests, based on the standard Luna. That means compatibility with most iOS, Android and Windows phones, integration with numerous apps like Uber, Twitter, ESPN and others, multiple pre-installed faces, and an impressive 30-day battery life. The BMW i version (which is limited to just 150 examples) adds a matte black finish, a leather strap treated with the same eco-friendly olive-leaf-based dye applied to hides in i3s and i8s, and two exclusive BMW i inspired faces for the digital display. Do want…

Source: Vector Watch