Nagano Koubou Nissan S13 custom USDM

USDM Tyte, Yo: Japanese Tuner Cultivates American Style J-Tin [Video]

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Car geeks are intimately familiar with the well-worn saying “The grass is always greener on the other side.” No matter what country on this big wet marble you call home, there’s always some car or car part that was never available in your homeland that you will absolutely covet. How else do you think theJDM scenegot to be so popular here in the U.S.?

Conversely, there seems to be a growing demand forUSDMcars and components in Japan. One man at the forefront of this movement isMasayoshi Nagano, propreietor ofNagano Koubou. One of his specialties is mating AmericanS13-chassis Nissan 240SXnoses with home marketSilviabodies to create what JapaneseNissanbuffs call“Onevias”(The “one” in the name is derived from180SX, theJDMversion of the S13 hatchback that shared its front sheetmetal with all three American S13 body styles.). We quite like this two-way cultural exchange, and hope it continues for years to come.

Source: YouTube