Urwerk UR-T8 Will Make You Flip Out

It might sound hard to believe, but Urwerk – a watchmaker that is on the bleeding edge of timepiece design – turns 20 years old in 2017. And to commemorate this milestone, the Swiss outfit is doing what it does best: Create a watch that breaks new ground in the arenas of design and functionality.

The Urwerk UR-T8 might not look all that unusual (at least by Urwerk standards) at first blush, with a large 60.23 mm titanium case (in either a natural or black PVD-coated finish) housing the company’s rather trick caliber UR 8.01 mechanical, automatic-winding movement, which boasts 39 hours of power reserve. However, squeeze two buttons on the sides of the case and you can flip the case up and tumble it over, converting this watch to stealth mode. Is that alone worth Urwerk’s 100,000 franc ($99,300) asking price for one of the initial batch of 60 UR-T8s? Hell to the no, but the fact that it’s still a fully-functional – and sharp looking – watch as well at least makes that sum a little less painful to swallow.

Source: Urwerk