Understand the Uber driver policy

In the past few years Uber has become an international phenomenon on the scene of public transportation. The idea behind Uber was great and simple: if someone has a car and some free time, they could as well give others a lift for a rate which is way lower than the average taxi tariff. It was also this company which first came up with a supporting application, whereas you can see the next available Uber drivers in your own area or in the area you are to visit.

Naturally not everyone was so happy to have Uber in town, the idea, which has kept on growing has also meant a serious cutback on profit for the local taxi companies. The result? Uber had to have its things more taxi-like which means it had to lift its standards towards its drivers. This is what we call a drivers policy.  In this chapter we would like to introduce you to the main guidelines of this policy. This will also help you comprehend to what you can expect your Uber drive to be:

-Respecting the passenger: respect comes first and as an Uber driver you are to provide a service which you will be paid for. This is why it’s compulsory to behave just like any other professional service provider: respectfully and respecting the other’s personal space and route wishes.

-Driving safe: safety has to come first when it comes to driving. Uber’s rider safety tips and uber driver policy would tell much more about safe driving but you can get the main idea: keeping speed limits, not driving while being tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What can lead to someone losing their Uber license?

-Insulting behavior: you should let the passenger decide whether they want to talk or not. Also you should let the passenger decide on the route if they want to

-Damaging the passenger’s property:  any hurtful behavior, smoking inside the car against or without passenger’s consent or spilling drink/food on any of the passenger’s property.

-No physical contact with the passenger: avoid all physical contact with the passenger

-The use of inappropriate language:  it is strictly against Uber’s policy to use any swear words, slurs or anything that may offend others

-Wanting to keep in touch with the passenger without the passenger’s previous consent: this has been a problem and there are many stories all across the internet about this: all Uber drivers are strictly forbidden from initiating contact with the passenger, either for business or for personal reasons.

-Any behavior that’s against the law in the specific state or country. Drinking alcohol, taking drugs, speeding, getting into seriously risky situations by not knowing the rules of driving are all lawbreaking activities which are strictly forbidden.

-No firearms: even in states where they are legal, it is forbidden for Uber drivers to carry around any weapons, firearms in their car.


If someone acts against the law it would not only result in them losing their Uber license, it will also result in police procedure. Further policies may apply depending on local regulations.