Ultimate Honda Civic Type R MUGEN Confirmed for UK Release

Honda Civic Type-R Mugen

Hot hatches are special in the UK. Cars are pricier there and fuel consumption has mattered to them for longer than a week. Hatchbacks are the solution for someone on a budget who needs a practical car but craves speed. GTIs, Focus RSs, and MINIs are practical yet electrifying. Honda makes one of the best. Their Civic Type R won Top Gear’s “Hot Hatch of 2007.” Their next one is looking even better.  Meet the Ultimate Civic Type-R by Mugen.  The perfect grocery getter when your shop is on the Nurburgring.

 “Type R” emblems are something you probably see every day on 1988 Civics and stock Accords. But real Type R editions from Honda mean less weight, better handling and more power. And Mugen’s Type R takes things even further. It goes, stops, and turns better than any Civic to date. It had better, it costs an expletive-inducing £38,599 or $63,000 is US dollars. The price reflects the rarity, only 20 cars will be built for the UK. This much mullah for a Civic may sound insane, but looking closer, it sort of makes sense.

Ultimate Civic Type R MUGEN

It costs Honda $310,000 to build each car. The engine alone is a hand-built, $20,000 race-spec power plant putting out 240hp at 8500RPM. At full bore, it sounds like 1000 hornets were fed caffeine and then given a megaphone. The car comes with carbon fiber trim, lightweight wheels, all-new suspension and a unique white paint job. Opt for the rear-seat removal and it’s 200 pounds lighter than a normal Civic Type R.

Handling was the Type R’s best asset and it’s only gotten better. The grip, turn-in and chassis balance are so good that Honda predicts the Mugen will beat the more powerful Focus RS around the ‘Ring by over 2 seconds. One tester called it a FWD GT3RS, a bold but promising statement.  I say keep the back seat to bring friends along for the fun.

So it’s the best Civic ever, and in a weird way, it’s a bargain. Personally I don’t get it. I think there’s too much competition that costs half as much. The 300hp Focus RS would be my pick. But Honda is betting that people in the UK do get it. Their goal with the Ultimate Civic Type R is not a random batch of 3-door track-stabbers, but to show the hatch-aficionados what Mugen is capable of. That strategy means there’s more Mugen-built cars in the works.

Source: Honda

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