Ultimate Ears Earphones are Bespoke Beat-Bringers


If there’s one thing the explosion in mobile personal audio devices has done (besides send the recording and radio industries scrambling to come up with ways to keep their revenue streams somewhere near their peaks), it’s led to an even bigger proliferation of portable speakers, headphones, earbuds and other devices designed to transfer all those sounds stored as zeroes and ones to your eardrums. Yeah, you could shell out big bucks for a set of Beats like all the sheep, but why not buy something more than just a label? Put another way, why not get what you pay for?


That’s the result an Irvine, California company called Ultimate Ears intends to give you with its products. For as little as $399 (yes, we know that very few of you consider that a little amount for a set of earphones), you can pick up a set of the company’s 900S in-ear earphones. These universal-fit pieces pack a boatload of sophisticated tech like dual-bore sound channels and three-way crossover into a compact, sleek package.


But what if you want to go totally top shelf? Then you’ll want to look at the Ultimate Ears PRM. They cost a dizzying $1,999, but they’re about as custom as earphones can get. You start by going to one of a select number of Ultimate Ears dealers, where a trained technician will make a silicone mold of your ears and give you a comprehensive hearing test; the former will then be used to help produce earpieces that are an exact fit for your ears, while the latter will help determine the optimal sound replication settings to give you the most enjoyable and lifelike listening experience. That’s pretty fancy, but would you expect anything less from a firm whose products have been popular with world famous musicians for most of the company’s 20 year existence? Neither would we.

Source: Ultimate Ears