No Waffling about It: This Belgian Villa is Sweet

If you’ve never heard of the town of Uccle, Belgium, we forgive you. The suburb of Brussels is, in fact, the hometown of motocross legend Roger De Coster and the location of Nemo 33, the second-deepest indoor pool in the world. It’s also where this magnificent modern mansion is being erected.

Designed by architects B. Schotte and J. Engels, this 16,146 square-foot palace (built on an equally eye-popping 34 acres of land) is a feast for the eyes, with an array of perpendicular and parallel lines and angles. Behind those lines and angles lie six bedrooms, all with dressing rooms and en suite bathrooms, a sprawling 549 square-foot master suite, a theater, a game room, an indoor pool, an office, two kitchens, and invitingly vast gathering spaces on the ground floor. We don’t know about you, but we happen to think that’s a lot of home in return for a roughly $14 million asking price.

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty