U.S. Submarine Structures H2ome bedroom view

U.S. Submarine Structures H2ome Lets You Sleep with the Fishes (and Live to Tell about It)

U.S. Submarine Structures H2ome bedroom view

Have you ever watched Sealab 2021 (an early venture of Archer creator Adam Reed and his BFF Matt Thompson) and thought to yourself, “I could totally live at the bottom of the sea!” Well, if you have an extra $10 million or so burning a hole in your wetsuit, U.S. Submarine Structures is willing to make that happen for you with its H2ome. This circular, 5,000+ square-foot two-story dwelling is assembled on land, floated out to a location that you or U.S. Submarine Structures have already selected and then sunk in a controlled descent to then be bolted onto pilings driven into the seabed. While we’ve yet to see an actual H2ome (as opposed to these enticing renderings), we can definitely see at least a couple eccentric billionaires adding one of these wild domiciles to their real estate portfolios.

Source: U.S. Submarine Structures

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