Two Vital Cell Phone Necessities Now Rolled Into One

The era in which we are living may one day become known as the Age of the Cell Phone. We have become so reliant on these ubiquitous devices that we can’t function without them. And if you’ve ever been without your cell phone, you know just how helpless it can feel.

We often focus so much on the device itself and on finding the best plan for it that we may forget about the critical add-ons that we really shouldn’t be without. Being able to make the most of your cell phone requires more than just the most current version of your phone. It takes good protection plus the ability to keep your phone charged at all times.

Solutions to both of these problems have existed separately for quite a while. We’ve all had various types of phone covers, all billed as the ultimate in protection for the device and, ultimately, the data stored on it.

We’ve also come across many ways to maintain power. Thanks to developments in chargers, we can draw from many different sources–a vehicle’s power plug, a standard household outlet, or a USB port that could be placed almost everywhere.

Then came the portable battery, a great way to restore full battery power without even using those sources. If the phone began asking for power, we could quickly plug in a small battery and start powering up, without access to a car, a wall, or a USB port.

With so many ways to manage our phones, at this point, we all thought we were in pretty good shape on both protection and on charging flexibility. But it turns out that more innovations were ahead.

The portable battery has proven to be the power source of choice, because we’re finally realizing that the whole point of a cell phone is to be mobile, not to be tethered to a wall or a car somewhere. So as product developers started to think about this reality, they soon realized that iPhone 6 Plus cases with a built-in battery could be the wave of the future. Once they hit the market, the choice became clear.

The thing with battery usage is that our growing demand for phone functions is making them ever-more thirsty for power because we put the phones down less frequently. We stream music and video, we monitor weather radar, play games, shoot video, and discover new entertainment.

So the more we use our phones, the more we use our batteries, and the more we use our batteries, the more time we spend in search of a reliable charge.

When you can get up in the morning and pick up your phone with a fully charged battery inside it as well as one attached to it in a case that protects it from impacts, you have double the power and double the independence from your charging leash.

Your very first stop after choosing a new phone and recycling your old one should be to go shopping for a new phone case. That’s been true through many generations of phones. But what’s different now is having the option to get battery power at the same time. It’s hard to imagine a cell user who wouldn’t be interested.

As cell technology has advanced, we have become ever more dependent on our wireless devices. The freedom and knowledge they can provide are priceless, but that’s all dependent on keeping the phone intact and charged up. If you haven’t made plans to protect your phone’s physical condition and to ensure a long-lasting supply of power, you could find yourself without those functions you’ve come to rely on so heavily.