Magnus Walker Turbo Fever Porsche 930

Turbo Fever Redux: Go on a Boost Bender with Magnus Walker and His Porsche 930s [Video]

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Back in March, we featured a short-ish video followingMagnus Walkerand his silver1976 Porsche 911 Turboaround the city streets and canyon byways of Southern California.We said at the timethat there’s just something inherentlyrightabout theur-Turbo (a.k.a.Type 930), whether it’s the flared fenders,“Whale Tail” spoiler, timelessFuchs wheelsor some combination of the three.

Turns out,Mr. Walkeris quite convinced of the propriety of this high-poPorschefrom the Discozoic Era as well, for he has three other 930s in his fleet. And while all but one of the quartet is customized, unlike many of his non-force-fed 911s, none of them are radically altered from stock: Just a lower ride height, an aftermarket steering wheel and custom wheels. We didn’t think it was possible to make a 930 more proper than it was when it left the factory, but now we know better…

Source: YouTube