Lancia Delta S4 in flight

Totally Radical Racing: Formula 1 and Rally in the 1980s [Video]

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Although mostmotorsportshistorians like to wax poetic (or not-so-poetic) about the barnstorming between-the-World-Wars era, or the glamorous 1950s, the 1980s was a damn good period for racing in its own right. Advancements in design and engineering led to major advances in speed and safety, and increased manufacturer and sponsor involvement – not to mention improved and expanded TV coverage – increased awareness of the sport exponentially. Oh, and the fact that rule makers still gave manufacturers and constructors a long leash with regard to creativity certainly didn’t hurt.

With this in mind, Finnish YouTuberAntti Kalholamade this video tribute to this remarkable decade. Yes, we wish there were clips from series besidesFormula 1and theWorld Rally Championship(namelyIndy carandIMSA/Group C sports cars), but we’re guessingF1andWRCwere the only two series from which Antti had suitable footage to work. Besides, no one can begrudge him choosing a track fromJan Hammer(Specifically“Crockett’s Theme”fromMiami Vice.). No one!

Source: YouTube