TopCar Vantage GTR2 is an Extra Spicy Porsche Cayenne

TopCar Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR2 front 3/4 view

Like it or not (a high percentage of brand loyalists are still firmly in the “not” camp), the Porsche Cayenne has been a cash cow for the brand almost since its introduction in 2002. Buyers who would have never considered becoming Porsche owners, as well as people who did consider it but were vetoed by practicality requirements and/or the opinions of a significant other, have snapped up Zuffenhausen’s SUV en masse. And with hybrid and diesel versions available, the Cayenne’s desirability appears to be pretty well insulated from oil price volatility.

Of course, as we all know, popularity breeds ubiquity, and not every lover of Porsche’s stump-jumper is down with that. Fortunately for them, Russian tuner TopCar is giving 50 such individuals a chance at making their Cayenne considerably harder to lose in the parking lot thanks to the Vantage GTR2 package.

TopCar Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR2 rear 3/4 view

As you can see on this example of the GTR2 (number 20 of the 50 that will be made), the exterior is fitted with a gaggle of new panels and trim pieces. The broader front bumper features way more grille area, and it flows into the wider front fenders. New doorskins front and rear (the latter necessitating electric latches thanks to the “shaved” handles) bridge the gap to the fatter rear quarter panels, which in turn run back into the fat rear bumper that features an integrated carbon fiber diffuser and a quartet of rear-facing scoops. Other changes include a new hood, smoked taillight lenses, and spoilers above and below the rear window. The whole shebang rolls on a set of gunmetal-finished ADV.1 wheels wearing fat, high-performance tires.

Venturing inside, the owner of this particular Vantage GTR2 specified this snazzy black quilted leather with yellow stitching and piping for the seats. The yellow stitching is also added to the dashboard, door panels and center console, plus piano black trim on the dash, door panels and steering wheel, and a numbered dashboard plaque.

TopCar Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR2 interior view

No word how much more power – if any – resides under the hood of Number 20, but it’s worth mentioning that TopCar offers kits that will elevate engine output to as much as 750hp in the Cayenne Turbo. Does anyone need that much power in an SUV? Of course not. Does anyone want that much power in an SUV? Well, yeah; why else would TopCar and other companies be offering it?

Anyway, the Vantage GTR2 body kit, including a full-vehicle repaint, retails for the equivalent of about $47,000 for the standard kit, and about $53,000 for the kit featuring carbon fiber grille inserts, side mirrors and other items. That’s a ton of money, but for that money you’ll be driving something only 49 other people worldwide are. And it’s extremely unlikely that any two Vantage GTR2s will be exactly the same. That makes the price a little easier to swallow, right?

Source: TopCar