TopCar Ursa Porsche Macan front 3/4 view

TopCar Ursa is a Plumped Porsche Macan

TopCar Ursa Porsche Macan front 3/4 view

If Porsche executives thought the Cayenne was a license to print money, wait until they see what the Macan does to the brand’s bottom line. With more manageable dimensions (and a slightly less daunting price of admission) than its established big brother, Stuttgart’s second SUV line is already making massive quantities of people worldwide first-time Porsche owners. However, not all of those P-car greenhorns are going to be satisfied with their new ride as-delivered.

TopCar Ursa Porsche Macan rear 3/4 view

That’s where the crew at TopCar hopes to be of assistance, by giving Macan buyers some options for a more mack daddy appearance. And the sweet body kit you see here – dubbed Ursa (which is Latin for bear, doncha know…) – certainly looks sharp like a set of infomercial-hawked knives. The meaner fascias and stacked rear spoilers are nice, yeah, but Ursa’s real calling card consists of those four flared wheel arches (and, for that matter, the beefy wheel-and-tire combinations tucked within each of them).

TopCar Ursa Porsche Macan interior view

Yet TopCar isn’t content with just juicing up the Little Mac’s exterior; it’s also drenched the interior in indigo leather and carbon fiber. Of course, all this tailoring doesn’t come cheap: A standard Ursa package will set you back about $16,700, while the kit with all the carbon fiber finery seen here will see you surrendering roughly $21,000 to TopCar. But when what you get in return for that dough looks this dope, you tend to find yourself saying “Meh, numbers…”

Source: TopCar