Red Bull F1 helipad donuts

Top of the World: Infiniti Red Bull Racing Celebrates the 2013 Formula 1 Titles with Skyscraper Donuts [Video]

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In case you weren’t watching last Sunday, German prodigySebastian Vetteland the team for which he drives,Infiniti Red Bull Racing, clinched their fourth consecutiveFormula 1driver’s and constructor’s championships, respectively, by winning theIndian Grand Prix. These milestones were not, however, attained without incident. For starters,Mark Webber– driver of the otherRed Bull-Renault RB9– was knocked out of the race due to mechanical failure. And after the race, a euphoric Vettel proceeded to do donuts on the frontstretch and toss his gloves into a main grandstand packed with excited fans; that sort of thing may be par for the course in American racing, but it’s hellaverbotenin the super-regimented world of Formula 1, and grand prix racing’s crown prince was handed a reprimand and the team wasfined 25,000 eurosas a result.

However, the rooftop helipad of theBurj Al Arab, a skyscraper located just off the coast ofDubai, doesn’t fall underFIAjurisdiction. As a result, former F1 driver and current F1 TV commentator/Red Bull ambassadorDavid Coulthardhad no need to worry about getting chewed out by the stewards for doing donuts. A sticky throttle sending him plummeting into the drink 689 feet below, maybe, but not a chewing-out.

Source: YouTube