The Top 50 Car Memes of All Time

The Internet started as a medium for disseminating information and ideas, but it didn’t take very long for it to take on a life of its own. Pretty soon, the Internet was a culture unto itself. And one of the central tenants of Internet culture is the meme (which rhymes with “seem”). If you can name a subject, there’s probably a meme for it, and cars are no exception. So feed your doge, remove your palm from your face and check out what are, as far as we’re concerned, the 50 greatest car memes (and car-related memes) ever to grace the face of cyberspace.

Once-Bitten, Twice Blown

Double supercharger meme

Bronco Busted

Craigslist Bronco meme

A Hybrid Hybrid

Baja Prius meme

Take Your Ride to Mr. Ed’s Garage!

Horse Mechanic meme

Hipster Spidey Has Spoken

Hipster Spiderman meme

Sad but True

Manual Transmission meme

Hmmm…Maybe Lose Another Half-Inch…

Exhaust impression meme

Darn Right!

Because Race Car Porsche no cat meme

We’ve All Done This

Shopping Cart Drift rage comic

Philosoraptor Being Deep

Philosoraptor on racecar drivers



It’s the Cirrrrrrrrrrcle of Life…

Camry giving birth meme

Undercover Minivan

Minivan among Camaros

Planet of the Moose?

Moose hunters meme

Something Tells Me it’s Not a Loose Plug Wire

Flood car meme


Ninja Turtle dent meme

If You Do See a Honda Doing a Wheelie, Something Terrible has Happened

Torque meme

Tuning by Dad

Dad gauge mod meme

Manly Man Prefers Manual Throttle Control

Manly Man traction control meme

Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Ladies…

Car with/without girlfriend meme

Led Astray by Pictograms

HVAC pictogram meme

Well, Do You?

Do you even drift meme

Oh, Snap!

Lambo doors meme

Does ES Stand for “Extremely Shark-Like?”

Lexus ES300 Soon meme

Why indeed…

Ferrari F40 rage faces

Gosh, Where Do I Start?

Willy Wonka spoiler meme

Uh, No

It will be fun they said meme

Oooh, So Close…

Bad Luck Brian Supra meme

Young Brian O’Connor

A Christmas Story Eclipse meme

F*cking Palindromes, How Do They Work?

Sudden Clarity Clarence race car

Hey, Fox Bodies are A’ight…

Back to the Future Mustangs meme

Honda Ponda, er, Panda

VTEC Panda

We Know That Feel, Bro…

Angry School Boy boost meme

The Rare Deadpan Eel

Red Green Approves

Duct Tape RSX meme


Jack won't fit meme

The Derp is Strong with This One

Smart car not so smart meme


Fart can song of my people meme

We Could Use One of These

R33 Skyline flamethrower meme

Those Shims Look Familiar…

Nuts as shims meme

Multiple Meanings Ahoy!

The Fast and The Furious Race Wars meme

Aren’t You Special?

FD RX7 Yeah I'm Different meme

Admit It: This Is Totally You

Onramp lights meme

Oooooh, Purple Burn!

Lady Unfair Fairlady meme

Visible Cuteness

Invisible race car kitten meme

No, Don’t Feel Bad for Those Jerks

99 Problems text and drive meme

You Silly, Silly Octopus…

Spongebob boost meme

Well They Are

Project Cars meme

Whoa, Does That Record in 72p?

Vintage racing GoPro meme

It Really Is!

Evil Toddler turbo spool meme

And Above All Else…

Super Cool Ski Instructor taking car memes seriously