The Top 25 Wackiest Custom Cars of All Time

Customizing cars is a bit of a black art, if you think about it. It’s dangerously easy to cross the line that defines the boundary between cool and outlandish. Sometimes a whip turns out just a bit goofy…and sometimes it’s just so wacky it causes the brains of all who gaze upon it to capsize inside their skulls. It is this latter category of modified machines that has captured our attention on this holiday weekend, so much so that we decided to scour the Information Turnpike for what are, for our money, the 25 most over-the-top rides ever to roam a road.

Got Camber?

Massive Camber

This Car Feels Slow

Turtle Car

AHHHH! There are People in My Mouth!

Head Car

That’s One Way to Improve Rollover Safety

Double Bug

Hillbilly Deluxe, Indeed

Chevy Truck Limo

These are the Voyages of the Starship 300TD…

300TD Limo

Anybody Got a Light?

Zippo Car

Never Fear, Phoneman is Here!

Phone Car

That’s the Last Time I Park Inside the Elephant Sanctuary

Flat Car

If You’re Gonna Troll Copyright Lawyers, Go All Out!

Japanese Van

This One Goes to 11

Speaker Car

Viva Bosozoku!

Bosozoku Car

Aww Look, it Thinks it’s a Boat!

Boat Car

Guess I Got a Little Too Close

Folded Truck

The Official Car of Indecisiveness


Yeah, My Parents Drove it up from Transylvania

Freaky Camaro

Pulp Traction

Orange Car

Axes with Axles

Guitar Car

Introducing the Chubrolet Blimpala

Fat Car

MOM! My Hair’s All Messed Up!

Convertible Minivan

We’re Guessing this was Taken After Prohibition

Push Me Pull Me Car

Boss! De Car! De Car!

Plane Car

Coin Operated (The Car, Not the Babe)

Pac Man Car

Kill it with Fire! Or Termites! Or Both!

Wood Car

Nightmares. You’ll be Having Some.

Cat Car