The Top 25 Funniest Bumper Stickers of All Time

It’s been said that opinions are like belly buttons, i.e. everyone’s got one. And there are a lot of ways to express those opinions, whether its blogging (between nibbling on the Hot Pockets your mother occasionally brings down from the kitchen), pontificating on your syndicated AM radio show, or slapping a bumper sticker on your car’s tuchus.

That last one seems to have gotten more and more popular in recent years, with increasing numbers of people choosing to spout their views. But sprinkled in among those decals proclaiming that Political Party A is better than Political Party B (even though the reality is that both suck; everyone knows the § Party is the shiz) or that you’re going to Hell for having lingered on the lingerie page of the Sunday Kohl’s ad for more than 3 nanoseconds (Stop giggling; some über-prude is probably printing that sticker as we speak) are stickers that only seek to amuse and bring mirth to the daily lives of people who gaze upon them. (Yes, we know, some of the ones listed deal with politics and religion, but as far as we’re concerned none of them badmouth anyone per se.) Here are 25 of our favorites.

That would change EVERYTHING

Hokey Pokey

I dunno, probably say “Ruh-roh” and run away

Scooby Do

Things they don’t tell you in anatomy class, #372

Married women


Lost cat

Profoundness. This sticker has it.

If you were me

What about zombies wearing only one glove?


Joke’s on you!

Stupid sticker

How will we know when you’re done?


So THAT’S why the HR director has a Ouija board…

Call in dead

Let’s hope the cops buy that

Speeding to poop



Freak that poop


Or else Sheriff Newton will arrest your ass


That’s punny, mon


Not to be confused with narrow ass turns

Wide ass turns

At least this person is upfront


There are other reasons, too

Don't steal

Good to know


Yeah, keep it down!

Don't honk

That guy doesn’t know how to drive

Moron behind me


Jelly donuts

Hur hur, it’s funny cuz it’s true…


Cause people to what? Oh…

Accidents cause people

This should come standard


Try refreshing

Not found

Seen some memorable bumper stickers over the course of your travels? Tell us about ’em in the comments!

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