The Top 20 Strangest Wheel Designs of All Time

One of the easiest, if not the easiest, ways to transform the appearance of a vehicle is to change the wheels. Bolting on a set of big, sporty looking wheels can make even the most dull and pedestrian vehicle look more muscular and snazzy. Of course, that’s assuming the wheels are themselves muscular and/or snazzy looking.

At the opposite end of the spectrum lie wheels that are strange, if not downright weird. Some of these rims were fitted at the factory, but most are aftermarket pieces, and they run the gamut from functionally funky modern art pieces to kitschy tributes to cultural touchstones. Here then, in no particular order, are 20 of the most curious and kooky rims that have ever been attached to road-going motor vehicles.

You are getting sleeeeepy…

Hypno Wheels

Come on, red 28!

Roulette Wheel

Flower power!

Flower Wheel

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spindle…

Cross Wheel

Money for nothing and your rims for free

Money Wheel

Can you bear not having these on your car?

Teddy Bear Wheel

People with clear wheels shouldn’t drive over stones…or something…

Clear Wheel

What the pluck?

Ostrich Skin Wheel

Ribbed for her (or his) pleasure

Mugen CF48 Wheel

Welcome to the gun show!

Six-shooter Wheel

Priced at $420 each?

Pot Wheel

Insert coin…no wait, don’t!

Pac-Man Wheel

Why? Because NACA Duct

Autech Stelvio Wheel

BMW M-System “Turbines”: German for “dead ringers for whitewall tires”

BMW M-System Turbine Wheels

Ring ring ring ring ring Alfa-phone!

Alfa Romeo Teledial Wheel

You’d have to be a real, uh, you-know-what, to put a set of these on your ride

Boner Wheel

These would look great on a Kaiser…

Maltese Cross Wheel

Ain’t nothing like the Tweel thing

Michelin Tweel

Competition-proven cuteness

Hello Kitty Sparco Wheel

Inca Dinca Do!

Saab Inca Wheel

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