The Top 20 Craziest Car Air Fresheners

We Americans spend a lot of time in our cars, so it makes sense that we generally like their interiors to be enjoyable places to inhabit. We like them to be clean, not too hot or too cold, and, perhaps most importantly of all, to smell nice. We are always on the hunt for the best car air freshener. To that end, there are thousands of different automotive air fresheners being produced to help you give your car’s cockpit the aroma you desire. Of course, “New Car Smell” and “Fresh Pine” aren’t the only games in town; not by a longshot.

Here, then, are 20 of the most, um, unorthodox shapes and scents we’ve spotted.


Bacon air freshener

Smells like overcoming adversity

Nelson Mandela air freshener

Will the neighbor kids steal this, too?

Gnome air freshener

Warning: Do not dip in Propofol

Jacko Dog air freshener

And you can tell he understands you by the look in his eyes

Cat Lady air freshener

The kind of air freshener you’d bring home to Mom

Inkerbell air freshener

Some say he likes hanging from mirrors, and that his toenails smell like lilacs…

Stig air freshener

Extra sprinkles, please!

Cupcake air freshener

May or may not get you out of a ticket

Police air freshener

Litter sold separately

Cat Butt air freshener

Who’s the banana boat captain?


Monkey Captain air freshener

Who wants to plazizzle fetchizzle?

Snoop Dog air freshener

It’s automotive perfume…on a stick!

Corn Dog air freshener

Distracted driving kit
Hot Babe air freshener

Och, your car smells great, laddie!

Bagpipes air freshener

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

WTF air freshener

I pity the fool who drives a stinky car!

Mr. T air freshener

No lie, ladies

Well Hung air freshener

Business on the front side, party on the back side

Mullet air freshener

Uh…lost in translation?

Pussy air freshener