The Top 20 Coolest Speed Boats & Cigarette Racers

Supercars are great for going fast and looking cool on land, but what if you want to do the same on the water? Why, you buy a long, slender and stupendously speedy powerboat, of course. But with so many competition-inspired (and in some instances, competition-proven) vessels from which to choose, how do you know which ones are really worth your (hundreds of thousands of) hard-earned bucks? By looking at the list that follows after the jump, silly. Think of it as the Tubbs and Crockett of the high-end powerboat buyer, ridding the streets of your mind from the criminal element known as indecision.

(Speaking of everyone’s favorite pastel-wearing lawmen, you might want to click here for a short but appropriate aural companion for this list to set the scene of this breed of watercraft’s glory days of cruising Biscayne Bay, weekend blasts to Key West and nocturnal pick-up and delivery of Latin American “pharmaceuticals.”)

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  1. William

    I can dream, your stingray 225SX, would be ideal for the lake. She’s a honey, sexy and fast.

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