VIDEO: The Top 20 Closest Calls Caught on Camera

Top 20 Closest Calls Caught on Camera title

Few things are more terrifying than an automobile or motorcycle accident, but near-automobile and motorcycle accidents come pretty darn close. In fact, near misses are probably more terrifying, since you’re able to instantly reflect on the incident and contemplate how close you came to buying the farm.

Thankfully, we haven’t had had any super-close calls behind the wheel, but loads of other people from all corners of the world have. Many of those people have had video cameras running during these entrail-emptying moments, and put the footage on YouTube. There are probably millions of videos capturing these events, but we’ve tried to narrow the selection down to the 20 most hair-raising, expletive-conjuring (It should go without saying that some of the language in some of the following videos is of the not-safe-for-work variety.) of the bunch. Without further pomp or circumstance, here they are.

Snow on the ground? Slow it down!

Yeah, I totally planned that…

I got him…I got him…WHOA!

Idiocy, thy name is Maxima driver.

Did somebody say "Tankslapper?"

Threading the needle

Safety crew, y u no be safe?

Stalling during standing starts is bad, m'kay?

…Into three left over jump, care: Dipsh*t spectator's car…

And just like that, your leathers are now brown

I’ll get off your lawn if you get off my road!

Did all the grown-ups forget how to drive?


Timing is everything


So THAT’S why they call it Jackknife Pass…

Avoiding a wipeout…LIKE A BOSS

What he said!

Do a barrel roll…or not

Run Forest, run!

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