Top 10 Super Awesome Italian Superbikes

Even if the sum of your automotive knowledge barely extends beyond “right pedal go, left pedal stop,” you probably know that the Italians have a well-deserved reputation for building some of the fastest and most beautiful sportscars, grand tourers and exotics in the known universe. But while plenty of non-car geeks have heard of Ferrari and Lamborghini, not everyone is familiar with names of Italian superbike makers. And that’s just wrong, dang it.

Thus, as a public service of sorts, we’ve decided to acquaint you with ten of the most magnificent motorcycles ever to emerge from the Land Shaped Like a Boot. Some were built by companies with which some of you may be familiar; others are sure to make all but the most hardcore two-wheeler afficianados say, “Who?” Anyway, without further ado or any particular order, are 10 very bella bikes.

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