Top 10 Dream Racing Cars

You know the feeling. The light is red, a sports car is pulled even with you in the next lane, and you’re both ready to swallow the next quarter mile of highway. No sensation is more freeing than zooming at heart-racing speeds while you wipe the smile off your competitor’s face. Maybe you’ve souped up your car, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a stock vehicle with scintillating power and impressive acceleration.

Either way, the thrill provides exhilaration not captured anywhere else on earth. Of course, legal racing outlets are the best way to release your pent up energy. They provide the safety of an enclosed track and the absence of rush-dampening law enforcement. It’s easy to find such a venue, as they are peppered all over the country.

Take your own car and let everyone know just how quick your whip is. Sure, some are able to afford the luxury brands that pump out speedy models, but others opt to instead pour sweat and money into creating their own time splitting contraptions. Whether it’s an SR20det engine modification or installing a performance chip, there are plenty of hacks to constructing a road-shredding machine. For those who keep an eye on the fresh-off-the-line models though, check out these dream racing models.

1. Porshe 911 Turbo

The little kid in everyone wants a 911 Turbo. Whether you owned a matchbox version or made the sports car your go-to in every racing video game, the German automaker is universally accepted as a pure speed machine. Topping out at nearly 200 mph, this vehicle has enough burst to burn nearly anyone off the line.

2. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Perhaps no super car is more recognizable than Chevy’s top-of-the-line sports model. With 638 horses, the ZR1 is as powerful as it is beautiful. An aluminum space frame and advanced technology shell means drivers enjoy a more aerodynamic and sleek structure.

3. Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG

Supreme agility and a twin-turbo V8 make this Benz a breeze to drive. The CL63 is a sharp looking coupe equipped with rear wheel drive. Reaching 60 mph in four seconds flat is as easy for this car that boats 590 lb-ft of torque. A seven-speed automatic transition rounds out the vehicle. Mercedes-Benz is typically associated with class, but the manufacturer’s contribution to the world’s elite speedsters shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Audi R8

Another German-produced car, the Audi R8 offers what every racer is looking for — pure speed. A smooth ride combines with a bold look to deliver the perfect blend for opened-road landscapes. Magnetorheological dampers help to absorb every rumble and bump so you can focus on handling and precision. The mid-engine, four-wheel drive construction provides balance and acceleration. A carbon-fiber frame tops off the marvelous machine with a feather like feel to increase the already impressive speed.

5. Koenigsegg Agera R

What looks like an alien spaceship is simply one of the most advanced cars on earth. If you thought zero to 60 mph in four seconds was fast, the brand’s follow up to the CCX gets the job done in under three seconds. Oh, and with a top speed of 260 mph, the Koenigsegg can simply out run the few cars in the world that have better acceleration.

6. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Made famous just a few years ago, Bugatti has worked to one-up each of its previous record shattering cars. The latest version has a horsepower of 1,200 and boasts the fastest top speed on this list. If you don’t mind shelling out $2.4 million for a car, the Veyron Super Sport is the one to spend on.

7.  Saleen S7

Finally, an American car on the list. The V8 engine and two turbos push Saleen’s 2005 model to heart-racing speeds. While not as distinguishable as some of its European counterparts, Saleen is a supercar brand worth keeping in mind.

8. Lamborghini Aventador

A list of the fastest cars in the world without a Lamborghini on it is an incomplete list. The Aventador doesn’t stand up to the Bugatti or Koenigsegg in terms of shear speed, but an acceleration of zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds will blow others away. Of course, the impressive V12 engine is a major bonus for gearheads.

9. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

You already know the name. The F12berlinetta holds up under examination of any supercar qualities, to the surprise of nobody.

10. McLaren P1

The P1 is not as fast as the F1, but a limited debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show let everyone know just how possible the follow up was. All 375 sold out within a year. Chalk it up to the Formula One technology.