Top 10 Run Around City Cars for Europe

We all depend on our cars a lot, so when you’re buying a car its important to know it’s one you can rely on. We’ve assembled a list of our top ten compact cars for urban driving, whether you need it for errands, work, or your social life.

  1. Kia Picanto

Though not the most comfortable to drive, the Picanto does have a lovely interior and comes packed with plenty of equipment as standard on all models.

  1. Toyota Aygo

If you can get past (or even embrace) the… eccentric look of the Aygo, you’ve got a neat little run around that’s sturdy and cheap to run, even if it is a little cramped.

  1. Vauxhall Viva

If safety’s a concern, the Viva may be the car for you. It manages to pack in more safety features than many of its rivals despite its small size and the ride it provides is smooth and quiet.

  1. Peugeot 108

A great budget option, the 108 is compact, reliable, and comes with a surprising array of infotainment equipment as standard.

  1. Fiat Panda

The panda has plenty of space for any purpose and one of the highest reliability indices in the business, so it won’t let you down when it counts.

  1. Volkswagen up!

A very comfortable interior makes this model great if you spend a lot of time ferrying people around. The only downside is that it’s a little more expensive than its nearest rivals.

  1. Citroën C3

Available through the manufacturer’s Robins and Day dealerships, the C3’s not as compact as some of the competition, but that just makes it ideal for family driving. It’s comfortable, stylish, and versatile so you can’t go wrong with it.

  1. SEAT Mii

With great handling and sleek bodywork the Mii is a city car that’s a joy to drive, with the caveat that if you need to take it out onto the open road its performance doesn’t stay quite so smooth.

  1. Skoda Citigo

Affordable to buy and run, the Citigo is a spacious city car with good performance in every category, and a choice nobody could regret.

  1. Hyundai i10

This award-winner is just as affordable as any other entry on the list, but with a smoother ride, great performance, unimpeachable reliability, and an impressive suite of equipment. The i10 is sure-fire champion whatever your needs.