Classic Alfa Romeo collection video

Too Many Alfa Romeos? No Such Thing [Video]

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Lots of things are fun to collect: Stamps, coins, comic books, and vinyl records all spring readily to our mind. But what if you have substantially more funding and space for collecting? Well, in our situation we would collect cars (What, did you expect us to say something like pianos or taxidermy?). We wouldn’t really adhere to any particular brand or genre, just stuff that we like.

Manuel Leon Minassianhas collected cars from multiple manufacturers, but the bulk of his fleet comes fromAlfa Romeo. And to hear him tell it in this video from our friends atPetrolicious, he buysAlfaslike the rest of us buy tacos. (Mmmm…tacos…) Happily, he takes them out and drives them (at least the ones that are operational), rather than locking them away to prevent stone chips or exposure to UV rays. After all, you can’t really look into the soul of an Italian car when it’s sitting still and turned off.

Source: YouTube