Radical SR3 hot laps at sunset

Thrill Ride: Hot Lapping Ascari Race Resort in a Radical SR3 [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MmnMupeMrk[/youtube]

Worldwide, “motorsports country clubs” (i.e. road courses geared more toward rich playboys hot-lapping their toys than seasoned pros battling for points, money and glory in front of a TV audience) have been hot lately. And one of the nicest on the planet to open in the last decade or so isAscari Race Resort, a postcard-pretty venue just outside the town of Ronda, Spain. Not only is it popular with Western Europe’s most-well-off petrolheads, but it’s also popular with manufacturers for shooting promo footage and introducing new cars to the media.

But what if you’re neither wealthy enough to own asupercar(or five) to bring to Ascari, nor the recipient of an invitation to come drive *insert German automaker here*’s newest license-jeopardizingWunderautoand write about it? Well, you might be able to do whatDrew LarriganfromeGaragedid and hitch a ride in the passenger seat of aRadical SR3driven by a pro driving instructor. Yes, it’s still a lot of money and a long way to go, but we’d prefer it over just about any roller coaster.

Source: YouTube