This 12-Year-Old is a Better Driver than You [Video]

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Lately there’s been a bumper crop of newspaper articles, TV news segments and blog postings bleating about how fewer and fewer teenagers are interested in getting their driver’s licenses and their first cars. Instead, these young ‘uns are fixated on obtaining the latest and greatestsmartphoneand some of the umpteen-squintillion apps that are available for them. If this trend continues, shout the doomsayers, the car guy/gal will eventually go the way ofHomo erectus(You! Don’t think we can’t hear you giggling…).

Bucking this trend, though, is 12-year-oldDylan Murry. If that unusual surname spelling looks familiar, that’s because he’s the son of veteranAmerican Le MansSeriesandGrand-AmpilotDavid Murry. Dylan already has a couple karting accolades to his name, and he’s now starting to branch out intoLegends Cars, the miniature pre-WWII American car replicas powered by Japanese superbike engines. And if this video from our friends atDriveis any indication, he’s already got controlling these little hot rods down to a science. Perhaps it’s still too early to call time on our kind…

Source: YouTube