The Top 20 Craziest Fancy Car Replicas

Rare is the car buff that doesn’t have at least one supercar crush. Traffic stopping looks, endless parades of aural aphrodisiacs shooting out of the tailpipes, and acceleration, braking and cornering capabilities that have the same effect on your inner ears as if you put them in a hardware store paint mixing machine will do that. Sadly, very, very few of us who would love to have a supercar can afford one.

But don’t cry, Little One. Thanks to the world of replica and kit car building, you can at least have the visual appeal of your favorite six-figure pavement torturer for a fraction of the price. In fact, some of these four-wheeled cover bands are constructed from downright dowdy hoopties you can find stacked 800-deep when searching your local Craigslist page. Don’t believe us? Make the jump to read about our 20 favorite zero-to-pretend-hero autos and see if you’re still whistling the same tune.

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