BMW M3 E30

The One That Started It All: Gabor Mester’s BMW M3 E30 Love Affair [Video]

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Most of us car freaks seem to become car freaks at an early age. However, some people get bitten by the bug later in life. Such was the case with a then-high-school-agedGabor Mester, when a striking shape – specifically, a first generation (E30)BMW M3– parked in his friend’s parents’ garage caught his eye and would not let go.

Today, Gabor is into his seventh lap of the sun as a caretaker ofBMW’s classic touring car weapon. The very same weapon, in fact, that he fell in love with all those years ago, though he has personalized it with some custom touches and Euro-spec parts. How many of us can truthfully say we would up with our first crush?

Source: YouTube