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The Most Interesting Man in Japan: Lamborghini Fan Shinichi Moroboshi Lives in the Gray Area [Video]

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It’s good to have goals in life. It’s even better to work toward meeting those goals. But what if the means you choose to use to attain said goals are frowned upon by a large percentage of society? Does having goals then become a bad thing? Such deep philosophical and moral quandaries probably keep a good many people up at night, butShinichi Moroboshiisn’t one of them.

You see, one of Moroboshi’s boyhood dreams was to own aLamborghini. How he’s managed to make that dream – specifically a highly-customizedDiablohe likes to cruise around in with otherLamborghiniaficionados – a reality isn’t specified, though it is strongly implied that he has ties to the Japanese mob (a.k.a.Yakuza). But he has absolutely no concern about what you or anyone else has to say about him. And while we do question his lifestyle choices, we can’t argue that being able to completely disregard one’s haters has got to feel pretty damn liberating.

Source: YouTube