Mosler Consulier GTP

The Maverick: Warren Mosler Reflects on His Time in the Supercar Biz [Video]

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The nameWarren Moslermight not be as recognizable as, say,Enzo Ferrari,Ferdinand PorscheorFerruccio Lamborghini, but his impact on the history of thesupercaris about as big as any of those European luminaries. Although histurbocharged Chrysler four-bangerpoweredConsulierwasn’t the first production sports car to utilize a metal-free monocoque construction (Colin Chapmanbeat him to the punch by almost 30 years with theLotus Elite.), it was the first to be able to outrun damn near anything. Anything, that is, except its own hideousness.

Yet despite this remarkable achievement (and some other quite clever automotive ideas),Moslerhas never really been regarded as a power player in the industry. Perhaps that’s why, a few weeks ago, he sold his company and the rights to its current car, thePhoton, toRossion. But while Warren’s Americansupercardream never quite turned out how he and those who helped him along the way had hoped, it left the world with some cool (if buttafaced) homegrown exotics.

Source: YouTube