The Golden Age of DTM Racing [Video]

Some of the most exciting racing (and coolest racecars) on earth in the late 1980s and early 1990s occurred in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, literally German Touring Car Championship). Cars like the original E30-based BMW M3, the Cosworth-massaged 16-valve Mercedes-Benz 190E, and the fat-and-happy Audi V8 Quattro were just some of the tasty tintops that did battle on such storied venues as the Hockenheimring, the Nürburgring (including the mighty Nordschleife), and the AVUS.

Aptly-named YouTuber DTMEnthusiast captures the go-go spirit of this remarkable era in racing in this fantastic six-minute, one-second production. The soundtrack selection’s lyrics may be unintelligible to the averageAmerikaner(The approximate translation of the title and chorus is “Damn Long Time Ago.”), but it’s an absolutely perfect accompaniment to the slow-motion kerb-hopping, powersliding and champagne spraying. If watching this doesn’t make you immediately start trolling eBayCraigslist and all the rest for a roadgoing BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz DTM homologation model to call your own(All three were sold new in the U.S. at one point or another.), consult your doctor immediately, because you might be dead.

Source: YouTube