This Bel Air Mansion is a Turn-Key Billionaire Crib

If you had a living arrangements budget of a quarter of a billion dollars, how would you spend it? Would you buy a mansion on every continent? A New York City penthouse for every day of the week? A retired cruise ship or ocean liner? Any of those would be cool, but there’s one option that includes all of the amenities a gazillionaire could want, as well as some stuff said gazillionaire doesn’t know he or she wants (at least not yet).

Situated at 924 Bel Air Road in the Fancy McFancyface Los Angeles neighborhood of the same name (with a second driveway accessible by adjacent Nimes Road), this modernist mansion – nicknamed “Billionaire for what should be obvious reasons – serves up sweeping views of the Century City skyline and much of the rest of the Westside. That’s nice, but definitely not $250 million nice, so why so much moolah? Well, where do we begin? We could attribute it to the 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, or the three kitchens, or the movie theater, wine room, game room with a wall of ceiling-height candy dispensers, bowling alley, infinity pool, huge garage/car gallery that includes a classic and exotic car collection valued at an estimate $30 million that includes the likes of an Ariel Atom, Pagani Huayra, Bugatti Veyron and a Mercedes-Benz 540K, and helipad with one of the actual Bell 222 helicopters used in the TV series Airwolf parked atop it. But the truth is, it’s all that stuff which, along with all the furnishings pictured and seven full-time servants with their own quarters, is included with purchase that is responsible for that titanic price tag. Suddenly a quarter billion doesn’t seem quite so staggering…