Meet Your New Favorite Floating Palace

As pleasure boats go, megayachts are among the most desirable. After all, who would say no to a floating mansion? Unfortunately, as we’ve seen so many times, large size and clumsy looks go hand-in-hand…except when they don’t. The newest design from Monaco-based The A Group proves that size doesn’t have to matter when it comes to style.

The Acuore, measuring 110 meters (361 feet) long and featuring four decks plus the bridge topped by the company’s signature glass “shark fin,” features the kinds of smooth, flowing lines normally found on significantly smaller yachts. The A Group hasn’t released any renderings of the Acuore’s interior, but it describes the boat as having 8 guest cabins, 2 VIP suites, a cinema, a gym with private fold-down sea terrace, a spa, a sauna, a hairdressing room, and a 10.5 meter (34.4 feet) long infinity pool overlooking the aft deck. This is one boat that’s sure to cause severe and widespread cases of hull envy wherever it goes.

Source: The A Group