Tesla Model X P90D by T Sportline is Dressed Up to Power Up

A sizable percentage of high-end vehicle buyers love the idea of tuners taking their rides to the next level, and T Sportline is gambling that Tesla buyers are no different in that regard. Some might call building your tuning business on modifying only products of the Muskian motor company short-sighted, but if this particular 2016 Model X P90D is anything to go by, the company has a pretty bright future.

Outside you’ll find T Sportline’s own Model X body kit (painted pearl white to match the body), matte black vinyl wraps over all chrome trim, and a set of Evannex’s 22” MX5 wheels designed specifically for the Model X that are also finished in matte black. Inside, the T Sportline artisans have re-clothed the seats, door panels and other areas in the same red leather installed in late model Bentleys, while the company’s electronics geeks have installed an Escort radar detector and laser diffuser system as well as a bone-rattling 13-speaker audiophile sound system with a Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.3 EQ, Focal K2 Power Series dash and door mid range speakers and tweeters, two Alpine amps (bumping total system output above 1,500 watts), and a 10” Alpine subwoofer in a custom enclosure in the cargo area.

If you think all the upgrades we’ve mentioned (and the ones we haven’t) cost a pretty penny, you’d be right: T Sportline says it spent over $60,000 on upgrades. However, considering the car cost $144,400 when new, the $180,000 the firm is asking for it on eBay right now seems like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Source: T Sportline