This Italian Villa Might be the Bargain of the Year

While we’re not sure Italy has an east coast/west coast rivalry that’s on the same level as the one that exists here in the U.S., we’re reasonably confident that there are at least some Mediterranean partisans that don’t get along with Adriatic fanatics and vice versa. That being said, the latter group might have a slight leg up on the former for the moment, because this spectacular villa near San Benedetto del Tronto is for sale.

Situated on a sprawling 32.1 acre piece of land just a stone’s throw southwest of the seaside village of Marina di Massignano, Tenuta degli Angeli looks every inch the Italian villa archetype, with apricot stucco and a tile roof adorning the exterior of the 19,160 square-foot two-story main house. Inside, you’ll find 11 bedrooms (some of which have great views of the Adriatic), 14 bathrooms, a library, billiard room, banquet hall and more topped by distinctive groin vault brick ceilings. A copper-awning-covered footpath leads to the detached indoor pool and three bedroom, three bathroom guest area, while the 1,830 square-foot semi-subterranean garage is accessed via a discretely placed ramp, which is itself reached by a driveway that begins next to the 2,196 square-foot caretaker’s house adjacent to the sizable olive orchard. All that cool stuff sure makes the roughly $7 million asking price look like a steal to us…

Source: Casaitalia