This Tuned Porsche Cayenne is Just Precious

Normally, when a tuned vehicle is billed as a “gold edition,” there’s a sizable amount of gold (or at least the color gold) present. You know, truth-in-advertising and all that fun stuff. However, in the case of the TechArt Magnum Gold Edition (based on the current Porsche Cayenene), you have to get quite close to this spruced-up SUV to find it. Striping along the wheel edges, side mirrors, lower door moldings and along the left side of the hood (as well as the TechArt branded brake calipers) are pretty much the only places you’ll find the rich hue on the predominantly white exterior. Frankly, the Magnum body kit is more noticeable at first glance!

But you know something? That suits our non-spy-movie-villain motoring fashion sensibilities just fine, thank you.

Source: TechArt