TechArt Grand GT is a Perked up Panamera Reloaded

We’ll readily admit to being fans of the second (i.e. current) generation Porsche Panamera, what with its improved powertrains (including the absolutely mad Turbo S e-Hybrid), less awkward styling, available wagonoid Sport Turismo body style and all. And you can bet we’re not the only folks who feel this way, which is why prolific Porsche tuner TechArt has announced a new generation Grand GT based on the new generation Swabian sport sedan.

As with the original Grand GT, the centerpiece of this new conversion is a bulging, bodacious body kit, consisting of wider, angrier front and rear fascias, fender flares (adding 2” of body width to the front and 3.15” to the rear), side skirts and a substantial rear wing. TechArt offers a range of custom wheel styles, though we quite like the 22” Formula IV split-spokes shown here. Also illustrated in the photos above is the cornucopia of interior upgrades the company offers, including its smaller diameter Type-7 steering wheel and piping, inserts and trim in contrasting colors. And of course, TechArt offers upgrade packages for each of the Panamera’s engines, in case you want extra speed to go with that extra swagger.

Source: TechArt