TechArt Grand GT Porsche Panamera by ProDrive front 3/4 view

TechArt Grand GT Porsche Panamera Rocks Rose Gold ADV.1 Wheels

Fitting a set of custom wheels is one of the fastest and easiest ways to enhance a vehicle’s appearance, but there are only so many times you can look at a set of chromed, polished or powder coated in some bland, inoffensive color before you start shrugging your shoulders and move on. Thankfully, ProDrive – a Thailand-based tuner that is not to be confused with the British motorsports firm Prodrive – fitted this Porsche Panamera with a set of 22” ADV.1 wheels finished in rose gold, a color that’s mostly copper but with a pinch of pink mixed in. Not everyone will be enamored with them, but the same can be said of the TechArt bodykit that transforms this ride into a TechArt Grand GT.

Source:ADV.1 Wheels