2013 TechArt Porsche Cayman front 3/4 view

TechArt Dresses the New Porsche Cayman to Thrill

In our occasionally-humble opinion, the new Porsche Cayman (chassis code 981) is one of the best looking new cars on the market. Whereas the first-gen Cayman (both pre- and post-facelift versions) were stubby looking Boxsters-with-lids, the new car cuts a much more balanced profile, and features details that help make it look much more sophisticated, like sculpted side scoops and a rear spoiler that flows into the taillights. Bottom line: Porsche has made the Cayman as wonderful to gaze upon as it is to drive.

However, we can’t be alone in feeling this way. This means there’s a pretty good chance Caymans will soon be fairly common in well-heeled neighborhoods. How will you make sure yours doesn’t blend in with the herd? Well, you might want to start by getting in touch with TechArt.

2013 TechArt Porsche Cayman rear 3/4 view

The new aero kit seen here adds a two-piece front valence extension, side view mirror caps, side scoop inserts, re-shaped rear diffuser, and a fixed rear wing. The fenders are stuffed with 21” wheels, and the ride height is reduced by 1.4” thanks to a sport spring kit. It’s not a dramatic departure from stock, but in the case of the Cayman, that’s a good thing.

Inside, TechArt adds orange stitching and trim, plus some carbon fiber and Alcantara. It also fits a flat-bottom sport steering wheel and metal pedal covers. Again, no big deviation from factory specs, but we’re quite alright with that.

2013 TechArt Porsche Cayman interior view

We aren’t entirely alright, however, with the lack of engine upgrades. Yes, TechArt says they’re in the pipeline, but for now, the company is only offering a custom exhaust system with Cayman S style twin tips and butterfly valves for a more rowdy soundtrack. We suppose we’ll just have to hurry up and wait for something more substantial. We’ll also have to wait for pricing info on all these parts. Sigh…

Source: TechArt

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