Team Galag TG1 Nissan GT-R side view

Team Galag TG1 is a High-Powered Mutant of a Nissan GT-R

Team Galag TG1 Nissan GT-R action front 3/4 view

If a bone stock Nissan GT-R isn’t special enough, there’s no shortage of tuners capable of making it look meaner, go faster, or both. However, it seems like most tuned R35 GT-Rs – even the double-throwdown 1,000+ horsepower ones from the likes of Switzer Performance – don’t look radically different from the ones rolling off the boats and into Nissan dealerships. Some people are okay with that, and some aren’t.

For people who aren’t okay with a fairly stock appearance for their tuned GT-R, and would prefer more radical alterations, help is on the way. It comes from Florida-based Parker Brothers Concepts and Saudi Arabia’s Team Galag, and is called the TG1. And as you can see, this looks almost nothing like the off-the-shelf Godzilla.

Team Galag TG1 Nissan GT-R action rear 3/4 view

Team Galag isn’t revealing too much about the specifics of the TG1’s bodywork, but word on the street is the new bits are made of carbon fiber. The nose features a rather snowplow-esque shape and what appear to be LED headlights and driving lights. The hood features dual NACA ducts like the stock one, but the bulges have been smoothed out. Conversely, the front fenders have had bulges added, and the rear quarter panels are also widened. The rear fascia ditches the traditional four round taillights for a set of red LED loops, and incorporates a supercar-look bumper and diffuser. All told, only the roof has been left alone, and is thus the only part of the exterior that betrays the identity of this car’s underpinnings.

Team Galag TG1 Nissan GT-R side view

And speaking of the underpinnings, they’ve been gone through by British tuner Litchfield Motors. The 3.8L twin-turbo V6 has been massaged to unleash 750hp and 701 lb.-ft of torque. Team Galag claims that’s good enough to fling this rebodied beast to 62 mph in 2.7 seconds, and onward to a top speed of 211 mph. Yep, those definitely qualify as supercar numbers.

Team Galag TG1 Nissan GT-R rear 3/4 view

We expect Team Galag to release more details about their new toy soon. Maybe after the Gumball 3000 – in which the TG1 is competing – has concluded. The number one question we’d like answered is “Will more than one be made?” That way, we’ll know if there’s a chance we’ll see one in the metal, er, composite.

Team Galag TG1 Nissan GT-R front 3/4 view

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