A Mechanical Mountain Goat, from Russia with Love [w/ Video]

An adventure bike or full-on dirtbike can take you a long way away from civilization, but there are limits to the types of terrain they can conquer. A two-wheel-drive motorcycle, however, has considerably fewer limitations.  An American company by the name of Rokon has been at the forefront of 2×2 motorcycles for more than half a century, but now there’s a new challenger from Russia called the Tarus 2×2, and it’s got some cool tricks up its sleeve.

For one thing, the Tarus 2×2 is designed to be partially disassembled and folded in about five minutes so as to fit – balloon tires and all – in a moderately-sized car’s trunk. For another, the bike’s creators have chosen to power it with a reliable-as-the-tides 210cc Honda four-stroke single. The engine’s 7 horsepower, matched to a 2-speed transmission and a chain drive for each wheel, won’t set anyone’s hair on fire, but it will putt-putt you and the Tarus 2×2 over and through geography many of us would be hard pressed to tackle on foot, and do so at up to 22 mph.

Currently, the company is only selling bikes inside Russia, but it says it will commence export sales later this year. When that happens, adventurers the world over will have a new tool to get closer to nature than they’ve ever gotten.

Source: Motorcycle 2×2