Toyota Prius and AMC Gremlin

Tank You Very Much: Roadkill Compares a Toyota Prius to an AMC Gremlin…with a Twist [Video]

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TheToyota Priusmay be quite popular (at least here in SoCal), but that doesn’t necessarily make it desirable. Okay, a lot of peopledofind the car that has become synonymous withhybridsand the green movement desirable, but for those of who prefer our cars to be loud, fast and entertaining,Toyota’s split-propulsion lozenge is about as widely coveted as herpes.

So it was with tremendous bravery, then, thatRoadkill’s kooky co-hosts,David FreiburgerandMike Finnegan, endeavored to compare a well-worn Gen 2 Prius to a vintage economy car from Freiburger’s personal armada: A well-worn1975 AMC Gremlin. Without giving too much away, one car wins by a TKO, and the looser gets to be “recycled” by a tank. (Spoiler alert: It’s not theAMC.)

Source: YouTube