TAG Motorsports Ferrari 458 Spider is a Rolling Blackout

Of all the standard colors in which Ferrari offers its cars, black might be one of the oddest. Ferraris – like all other sports cars – are supposed to be all about passion and vibrance; painting one of these Italian stallions black just seems counterproductive. Of course, that doesn’t stop Ferrari customers from ordering their new toys in that most morbid of hues. And the crew at TAG Motorsports has decided to venture even farther down the rabbit hole with this 458 Spider.


In addition to a pair of smoked taillight lenses, TAG Motorsports installed a set of custom ADV05 M.V2 SL Series wheels from ADV.1 measuring 21” in front and 22” in back and, naturally, finished in black. There’s also a set of lowering springs from the Ferrari tuning experts at Novitec Rosso create a stance that’s even more killer than usual. This is a project that once again proves that a few simple bolt-on parts can go a long way toward transforming the overall personality of your ride.

Source: TAG Motorsports