Switzer Performance Tuning Package for Porsche 911 GT2 Pushes 800 HP (VIDEO)

Switzer Performance Package for Porche 911 GT2

Switzer Performance Innovations (SPI) is an American tuner of Porsche models operating out of Oberlin, Ohio, about 35 miles Southwest of Cleveland. I don’t know if Lebron gets his Porsche tuning done here but he should. Switzer first burst on the scene with their SLEDGEHAMMER experiment, creating a Porsche 997 with 1000 hp at the crank, capable of 0-60 mph times in the mid 2 second range. But the company has been on the scene for over 15 years putting out very smart and well-designed mods. Their latest, and less extreme offering, is a tuning package for the Porsche 911 GT2 which puts out 800 hp on 93 Octane. Who knows what this thing is capable of on racing fuel…

Switzer Performance Package for Porsche 911 GT2

Switzer’s new package for the Porsche 997 GT2 is essentially a bolt-on system that does not molest the factory DME. The stock ECU actually still operates all of the hardware, only it runs Switzer’s specified DME software calibrations. The Garret GT30R-based turbos get upgraded and custom Switzer intercoolers are installed. New larger injectors and specially designed intakes allow the engine to breathe better. Tym Switzer sums its up nicely, “We were very happy to hit our target numbers. Of course, but the best part is that the car is still so manageable on the street, at this power level. It is an everyday hyper-performing exotic, and I can’t wait to get it out on the track and see how it performs in the hands of a pro driver.”

Source: Switzer Performance Innovations