VIDEO: Switzer P800 R35 Nissan GT-R vs Suzuki Hayabusa from 0-300 Kmh in Russia

Nissan GT-R Switzer P800 vs Suzuki Hayabusa

What could be better than a drag-race showdown between two Japanese powerhouses with one top dog pulled from the automotive realm, the ‘Zila, and the other an absolute beast from the motorcycle world, the ‘Busa? Well, how bout the fact that it’s not just an ordinary Nissan GT-R tearing up pavement but a Switzer P800 putting down 800 horsepower at the crank? For those not hip, Switzer Performance makes bolt-on modification packages for the R35 Nissan GT-R which puts the car in another class altogether.

Dubbed the “P800 Package,” based on its ability to perform amazing feats of horsepower running on pump gas, Switzer’s tuning upgrades include bigger turbos, stronger wastegates, a custom-made “Monster” intercooler and new piping. Watch the Switzer P800 Nissan GT-R in action against a Suzuki Hayabusa in the Motherland. The results speak for themselves. Check out the video after the jump.

Heads Up – This is an HD video so make sure you give it plenty of time to load. The wait will be well worth it…

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Source: YouTube

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