Castrol TOM’s Toyota Supra tribute roadcar

Supra Duper: XCar Pays Tribute to Toyota’s Performance Flagship [Video]

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For four generations and 25 years, theSupraserved asToyota’s high performance leader. With a strong (particularly on later turbocharged versions) and smooth straight-six under the hood, hatchback versatility and room for four (at least in a pinch), it truly was theToyotaof sports cars. And in case the Supra wasn’t famous enough on its own, prominent roles in video games like the originalGran Turismoand movies likeThe Fast and The Furiouscertainly bumped up its notoriety even more.

XCar’sAlex Goydecided to see if the reality lives up to the hype by driving a fourth-gen Supra. But this isn’t just any Mk. 4 Supra; not only is it the last one imported to Britain by Toyota, but it has also been turned into a tribute to the iconicCastrol TOM’s Supra JGTC race carfrom the late ‘90s. And automatic transmission notwithstanding, it looks (and, once the turbos spool up, is) the business.

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