Supermodel Catrinel Menghia Presents the Lancia Powerboat (w/Video)

Lancia Powerboat Presented By Catrinel

Just after announcing the Porsche Design Royal Falcon Fleet RFF135 Catamaran, we bring you news of Lancia’s latest aquatic endeavor. All of a sudden it seems like a torrent of auto companies have jumped in the water. We’re just glad that supermodel Catrinel came along for the maiden voyage to help present the first ever Lancia powerboat. This company, known for a long line of solid performing race cars and rallying, was joined by several other top notch Italian firms to bring this offering to market. Sacs, who produces luxury RIBs, Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) who builds “best in class” engines and Martini, who often partners up with Lancia in motorsports, joined top boat designer Christian Grande in this effort.

Lancia Powerboat presented by Catrinel

I know all you want to hear about is Romanian beauty Catrinel Menghia but we have to at least talk a bit about the Lancia Poweboat (and we’ve provided some pictures to keep you happy.) Featuring a fiberglass hull that measures 13.1 meters long, the boat can hold up to 11 people and sleep two inside the luxury cabin. The deck has four sunbathing mattresses in rows of two, side by side, and a special teak bathing platform. Rows of LEDs are located under the transom and front windscreen similar to modern Lancia car lights.

Lancia Powerboat presented by Catrinel

To keep the lines of the boat clean, there are no perimeter handrails. Tall inboard backrests provide tremendous stability thanks to sitting low inside the cockpit floor. Speaking of cockpit, the hood features a retractable roof that allows open top motoring and there is even a fold-away LCD TV and fully-equipped galley. The boat even features a minimalistic bathroom with an LCD-lighted shower.

Lancia Powerboat presented by Catrinel

As for performance, the Lancia Powerboat is no slouch on the open waters. It’s equipped with two 1120 horsepower diesel engines from FPT. Cruising speed is between 15 and 45 knots with a top end of 55 knots (63 mph). Martini Racing graphics add a nice touch and make the boat look really fast even when it’s just puttering along. This boat will make its official debut at the Genoa 49th International Boat Show from October 3rd to 12th.

Source: Lancia