Superhero Themed Car Renderings are Here to Save the Daily Commute

The new Batman/Superman crossover film may be, by most accounts, the cinematic equivalent of the twisted, charred wreckage of a bus filled with the twisted, charred bodies of the disabled orphans it was carrying (Read: So impossibly awful it’s hard to take your eyes off it.), but that isn’t going to drive most people to abandon their favorite comic book champions. For a lot of folks, superheroes are a big deal, so big that some have even decked out their cars in tribute to their favorites. However, we’ve never seen rolling superhero tributes quite as stylish as the ones in these renderings.

Created by the digital artists at British auto review and shopping site carwow, these pixel-manipulated machines mesh perfectly with the characters they represent. Additionally, some of them have additional “Easter eggs,” such as the Batman BMW M2 incorporating a few styling cues from the iconic 3.0 CSL touring car which was, of course, nicknamed the Batmobile. Or Aquaman being tied to the Toyota Mirai, whose only emission is – duh – water. We just hope that if somebody decides to build the Wolverine Audi R8 LMS in real life, they remember to shampoo its side blade sideburns regularly.

Source: carwow