BMW 2002 custom

Sturm und Dang: A Bodacious BMW 2002/E30 M3 Mashup [Video]

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Although fans of the likes ofAlfa RomeoandLanciawill no doubt disagree, theBMWNeu Klasseis widely credited with inventing the modern sport sedan. And the ultimate evolution of theNeu Klasse, the2002, has been immensely popular with folks who love driving for the sake of driving since it entered production in 1968. The same can be said for another compactBMWsport sedan, thefirst-generation(E30)M3.

So what would happen if you were to combine these two iconic Bimmers into one handy four-wheeled package? Well, you’d get something like this later square-taillight 2002 built by BMW specialistMarc Norrisand his crew atBavarian Workshopin L.A.’s San Fernando Valley. From the stance and theAlpina wheelsto the pristine interior to the immaculateS14 2.3L inline-fourengine swap, this so-calledM2looks fantastic. And for a price that apparently exceeds that of a newM5, it damn well ought to look fantastic.

Source: YouTube